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Landscape considerations in spatial planning

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Belčáková, Ingrid - Miklós, László - Špinerová, Anna - Diviaková, Andrea - Košická, Erika - Belaňová, Eliška

ISBN: 978-80-224-1695-5

Vydavateľstvo: VEDA a PETER LANG
Rok vydania: 2019
Počet strán: 168
Väzba: Tvrdá
Formát: 170x240mm
Hmotnosť: 540 g
Dostupnosť: Na sklade
E-shop cena s DPH: 19,43
Bežná cena s DPH: 25,91 €

This book is intended to deal primarily with the current trends in the theory of integration of landscape aspects in spatial planning and development processes. Ultimately, the need for integrating planning, particularly land use planning, landscape planning and impact assessment, is also a part of discussion. In this book landscape considerations practice in European countries is covered, with a special focus on Slovakia. The aim has been to draw together information about landscape decision-making approaches and cases that illustrate current practice and lessons from experience. This provides baseline material for landscape academic forum and members of the public to let them know what they should request. We hope that this will also be of wider interest and help to many professions in spatial development making: planners, designers, architects, engineers and others. The review presented in this monograph is intended to provide a sourcebook and reference guide to key trends and issues of sustainable spatial development, and to the different approaches being used in European countries. This effort has meant that the book is both practice-oriented and as up-to-date as possible.

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