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New books

VEDA Publishing House of the SAS in service to science and knowledge

Every year VEDA Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Science contributes to the pool of the Slovak book culture with sixty to seventy new titles. During 72 years of its existence VEDA enriched this pool with more than 4,150 books involved with studies both in the biotic and abiotic parts of nature, as well as those treating the socio-scientific themes which represent the foundations of the Slovak scientific knowledge and scholarship. We are pleased that some of our publications won Prizes of the Slovak Academy of Science, Awards of the Literary Fund or succeeded in other contests and events. Many of our books were quickly sold out and VEDA often had to proceed to reprinting or reeditions to meet the expectations of our readership, which is our priority. Recently, VEDA Publishing House of the SAS has also assumed a busy cooperation with the renowned world publisher Peter Lang GmBH.

VEDA Publishing House of the SAS and Peter Lang GmbH now jointly publish series Spectrum Slovakia (VEDA as co-publisher) and UNI Slovakia (VEDA as editor).

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