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Cognitive Aesthetics in Classical German Philosophy

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Démuth, Andrej - Rušinová, Michaela

ISBN: 978-80-224-1762-4

Publisher: VEDA a Peter Lang
Year of publishing: 2019
Number of pages: 172
Binding: Hard
Format: 170x240mm
Weight: 430 g
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In the book, we shall attempt to focus attention on two basic factors of aesthetics as a philosophical discipline. The first is the presentation of the fundamental historical concepts within the aesthetics of German idealism with some crucial concepts, ideas and constructs highlighted which are characteristic of its leading representatives. The second aim is discussions regarding the structure of sensuality and the sources of feelings of pleasure and its relationship to the higher cognitive functions in aesthetic judgements, the structure and nature of the neuronal correlates of aesthetic experience, the individual and socially conditioned creation of an ideal, but also the influence of various social beliefs on the formation of taste in recent cognitive-aesthetical research.

Spectrum Slovakia Series Volume 29

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