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Withdrawal from contract and rendition of goods

The client is eligible to withdraw from contract without specifying reason in accord with the provisions of § 7 Act No. 102/2014 about consumer protection in case of distance sales within 14 after receipt of the goods or from the day when the contract about provision of electronic contents not delivered on material carrier (such as e-books, software, etc.) was concluded. In case if the various goods quoted in single order have been delivered separately the term for withdrawal starts to expire at the moment of receipt of the goods last delivered.

In accord with provisions of § 7 clause 6 Act No. 102/2014 the client cannot withdraw from contract, object of which is:
  • Sales of books not delivered in protective wrapping and sale of periodical press,
  • Sales of sound records, picture records, sound/picture records, books or computer software sold in protective wrapping if client did not unwrap it,
  • Provision of electronic contents other than on material carriers if the provision started with client’s expressed consent and client admitted having been duly instructed that expressing such consent he is liable to the loss of right to withdraw from contract.
You are obliged the apply the right of withdrawal contract in writing or as a reconrt on other stable carrier (e-mail), while you can make use of the form available at our internet page . To save the message click the right click and chose “Save the File”. It can be then filled in and printed). The term for withdrawal from contract is considered valid if you send the withdrawal from contract notification the last day of the term at the latest. Withdrawal from contract (or contract about provision of electronic contents not delivered on material carrier) means cancelling of the contract from the beginning. In accord with provisions of § 517 clause 1 of Civil Code, client’s right is also to apply for withdrawal of contract concerning only a part of the contract object (if the object of the contract or binding order has been the delivery of several books) and in such case only the particular part of the contract is cancelled. .

The client is obliged to return the goods 14 days after withdrawal from contract at the latest to the address of VEDA Publishing House of the SAS, Dúbravská cesta 9, 845 35 Bratislava, It is recommended to send the goods by certified mail. Please do not send the goods as cash on delivery mail. Please enclose the copy of the tax document (invoice), which was sent to you with the goods, and a copy of the delivery certificate produced by the delivery company/man The term available for the rendition of goods is valid if the goods has been consigned to transport on the last day of the term at the latest. The cost incurred from rendition of goods is borne by the client.Please send the complete, undamaged and unused goods, if possible in the original wrapping, otherwise the client is liable to bear the reduced value of the goods which was caused due to such treatment of the goods which is over and out of the treatment necessary for identification of properties and functionality of the goods. The purchase price will be returned to you in 14 days at the latest to the account quoted by you, if not agreed otherwise. However, we are not obliged to return the purchase price before the goods is delivered to us or before the client at least proves that the goods was returned. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the cost of the delivery will be refunded to the client in the scope of the cheapest and common way of the delivery offered by us (which is the usual postage charged by the Slovenská pošta). In case of unjustified withdrawal from the contract the goods will be returned to you at your cost.

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