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VEDA, the publishing house of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, derives its origins from the editorial workplace of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts (1942). In 1953 it was affiliated to the publishing house of the Slovak Academy of Sciences as an active SAS publishing house which centred on periodic and aperiodic scientific literature.

The publishing house currently caters to the publication needs across the entire Slovak scientific community. It enriches the Slovak and foreign book market with scientific, popular scientific and educational literature that attracts sophisticated readers. All professional titles from our publishers are reviewed which guarantees the quality of their content.

Our aim is to provide information on the most significant results of scientific research activities in the historical and biographical literature natural, life and social sciences as well as quality foreign to the Slovak and foreign book markets.

The VEDA publishing house focuses both on monographs such as works on history and the current Slovakia, Slovak music, language, literature, philosophy, theatre, ethnography, technology, natural sciences, medicine, legal science, but also on encyclopaedias and dictionaries, college textbooks, popular-scientific works for the wider reading public, memoirs and nonfictional works.


As the first Slovak publishing house, VEDA received a registered trademark for quality and the gold Slovak Gold medal. The books of our authors obtain success every year in the Literary Fund competition for scientific and professional literature as well as awards from the Slovak Academy of Sciences among other competitions.

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