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Goods ordered by you will be delivered through Slovak Post or DHL. Postage costs are incurred as part of the price of the order. We offer two postage options
  • Delivery per Slovak Post:

Package weight in gDelivery to the adresse: Retail price in Eur (incl. VAT)Delivery to the post office: Retail price in Eur (incl. VAT)
1 0003,242,77
2 0003,412,95
3 0003,583,12
5 0003,893,46
10 0004,704,28
15 0005,505,12
20 0006,305,96
25 0007,106,79
30 0007,917,63
Delivery of packages from the date of shipment takes 2-3 days with Slovak Post. You will be informed of the arrival of your package by Slovak Post via e-mail or SMS

  • Delivery per DHL
The price of delivery per DHL depends on the weight of the package:

Package weight in kgRetail price in Eur (incl. VAT)
All prices include a 10% fuel surcharge. Shipment delivery takes one day from the day of submission. No additional fees apply. No packaging fee is included regardless of the value of your order or the number of titles ordered. If the weight of your shipment exceeds the above weight, please contact us per email at vedainfo@savba.sk

You can save on postage if you live in Bratislava or the vicinity, in that you can pick up your orders in person:
  • At the bookshop on Štefánikova 3 (opposite the presidential palace, the busstop is called Hodžovo námestie, busses: 83, 84, 93, 147, 184, 203, 206, 207, 208, 212), where you can pay for your good either per cash or card.

  • At the publishing house on Dúbravska cesta 9 (on the grounds of SAS) – This option is only available on payment in advance (per internet). The advantage to doing this is that you can park there easily.

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