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The Principles of the VEDA, vydavateľstvo SAV Review Process

When assigning a manuscript for review, the Veda press abides by the following principles:

- each scientific manuscript shall be evaluated by at least two mutually independent reviewers

- the author may not know the name of the reviewer until the manuscript review is complete

- once a manuscript has been reviewed the author will receive the reviewed manuscript in order to incorporate any comments

- if the author disagrees with any opinion stated by the reviewer, they will pass their reasons for disagreement to the press in writing

- the names of the reviewers shall be included in the imprint or entry page in the released publication

- the reviewers may not have a conflict of interest, they may not be employed within the same workplace as the author or otherwise closely cooperate with the author

- the reviewers must work in the particular specialisation and must possess a University doctorate

- the reviewer must not make any personal criticism of the authors

- the reviewers shall do their best to write their reviews in the most detailed manner possible and shall employ a concise, scientific style

- the reviewers should highlight any relevant bibliography that was not acknowledged in the manuscript

- the reviewer should meet the agreed deadline for the submission of the review

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