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How do you pay for the ordered goods?

Shopping via our Eshop is very comfortable.
The following overview brings several ways of payment for the goods ordered in our Eshop:
  • In cash / bank payment card (in the shop)
In case you decide to take over your order in our shop, apart from saving the postal charge, you can also reimburse the goods in cash or by paying card.
  • Bank transfer
Our mail sent to you after the receipt of your order will also contain the bank account number of VEDA Publishing House of the SAS and detailed information about the order including the order number. Based on this information you will be able to reimburse the order by bank transfer at the bank counter in a bank of your choice.
  • Paying card (CardPay - VISA, MasterCard)
Credit and debit cards of VISA, MasterCard type is the most frequently used way of payment also appropriate for foreign clients. The main benefit is that you can reimburse your order regardless the country or the bank where your card was issued. It works like Internet banking but instead of your bank account number you will submit the data about your paying card. Provision of the necessary information and data takes place on the secured web page of the VÚB Bank, the contractual partner of the VEDA Publishing House. No submitted data of your card are accessible to us.
  • Internet banking
Internet banking (on-line electronic banking services) is actually the most comfortable way of payment. It saves time and cash manipulation. In order to use Internet banking you have to have (1) a bank account and established (2) Internet banking service. Many banks offer this service free of charge. If you ask for the Internet banking service the bank will provide you with the user name, password or what is referred to as the GRID card. NB: Your sign-in data to your bank account or the data of your payment card are never available to as. Such data are always entered only on the secured web page of the particular bank.
  • VÚB e-payments
Payment applying the Internet banking of the VÚB Bank. If your are the VÚB Bank client and choose this form of reimbursement, after submitting your order you will be redirected to the website of the VÚB Bank where you sign in and confirm your payment. For more information about the VÚB e-payment please go to (Viac informácií o službe ePlatby VÚB).

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