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Human Facial Attractiveness in Psychological Research /An Evolutionary Approach

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Démuthová, Slávka - Selecká Lenka - Démuth, Andrej

ISBN: 978-80-224-1763-1

Publisher: VEDA a Peter Lang
Year of publishing: 2019
Number of pages: 211
Binding: Hard
Format: 170x240mm
Weight: 500 g
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The monograph presents psychological interpretations of the specific reactions of individuals within the perception of attractive human faces. It concentrates on exploring selected attributes of human face that increase its attractiveness. After introducing essential information on the specifics of facial perception and its brain correlates, the monograph presents findings on the effect of symmetry, averageness, proportions, sexually dimorphic features, personality characteristics, or the importance of specific parts of the face to its attractiveness. Based on the results of both foreign and own research, the authors formulate interpretations of why and how the identification and preference of examined characteristics have been developed and maintained by the evolution.

Spectrum Slovakia Series Volume 21

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